ETS in the News Archive 2016
Wyoming receives 2016 State Innovation Award
October 8, 2016
Wyoming's Department of Administration & Information has won the 2016 Innovations in State Government Award by the National Association of State Chief Administrators. The award was for Wyoming's Validated Performance Survey and is the first NASCA award received by the state.

Governor Mead Highlights Wyoming Classroom Connectivity Initiative at Broadband Summit
October 5, 2016
Governor Matt Mead highlighted the Wyoming Classroom Connectivity Initiative, a coordinated effort to help improve school Wi-Fi access in the state at the state Broadband Summit yesterday. The Initiative is a joint effort between the Office of the Governor, the Wyoming Department of Education, the Department of Enterprise Technology Services, and EducationSuperHighway—a national non-profit focused on upgrading Internet access in K-12 schools across the country.

Wyoming's open source enterprise code library a secret no more
September 27, 2016
Wyoming’s 250-person Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) group knew it had a good thing in its Enterprise Extensible Code Library, but it chose to keep things under wraps outside of the state until last week when members of that team attended an annual confab for state government CIOs.

Wyoming governor names deputy chief of staff state CIO
September 21, 2016
Governor Matt Mead has named Tony Young as Director of the Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) and Chief Information Officer. Young has been the Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff since 2011. He replaces Flint Waters who recently left to take a position with Google.

September 19, 2016
The Wyoming Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) wins national award for Wyoming's Enterprise Extendable Code Cloud Library. The award is presented by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO).

Mead will get chance to boost tech sector at summit
September 14, 2016
After issuing a call to make technology the fourth leg of the state’s economy at a national conference in Jackson last week, Gov. Matt Mead will get a chance to move that agenda forward next month when he hosts the Wyoming Governor’s Broadband Summit in Cheyenne.

September 14, 2016
Agosto Inc., a tier 1 premier Google for Work partner, announced they have partnered with the State of Wyoming to advance the agency's 11,000 users to Google Apps Unlimited. In addition, Agosto will provide ongoing support to manage the seats, providing a first line of technical assistance when needed.

Rising to the Challenge: How 3 Public CIOs Are Confronting Major Mandates
June 17, 2016
Structural upheavals and a budget reality that threatened a major connectivity initiative aren’t stopping the work of these state and local government CIOs.

Wyoming CIO Explains How the State Made Its Move to Google Apps
April 13, 2016
Appointed to his post in 2011 after Wyoming had inked a contract to become the first state to deploy an enterprisewide Google Apps rollout, CIO Flint Waters oversaw the migration. While Wyoming initially viewed the move to Google as an email platform, Waters saw much more potential from the Software as a Service offering. He recently spoke with StateTech Managing Editor Amy Schurr about Wyoming’s cloud initiatives and some turbulence along the way.
March 30, 2016
CHEYENNE – It’s going to be a busy summer for Flint Waters, courtesy of the Wyoming Legislature.
As the state’s chief information officer under the Department of Enterprise Technology Services, Waters knows his way around the business of data security. And he will be using that knowledge to help state agencies, counties, cities and towns revisit their own data policies this summer, as part of a law passed by the Legislature earlier this year.

RSA 2016: 4 Data Issues Faced by States, Localities in the Digital Age
March 3, 2016
Industry experts discussed the risks, benefits and next steps around data in the government space during the 2016 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Government in the Crossfire: The Challenge of Data Privacy
March 2, 2016
If you corporate privacy people think you have it tough, pity your peers in the government sector. A panel of experts told attendees at the RSA Conference Wednesday that the government agencies we should trust most with our data are not only overwhelmed, they're also severely handicapped in their efforts to keep that data safe. And that's a crying shame, given what government could be accomplishing with that data.