IT Consolidation Finalization Recommendations

DATE:November 1, 2012
TO:The Honorable Governor Matt Mead
FROM:Flint Waters, State Chief Information Officer
SUBJECT:Recommendation for Information Technology Consolidation
CC:Office of the Governor

  • Review the options presented and direct amendments as needed for the November 1, 2012 submission to the Joint Appropriations Committee.

    • The recommendation includes 181 IT related position be permanently transferred to ETS and 116 remain within the agencies at this point in time because they fall within the exemption based on subject matter expertise (SME). We are proposing an ongoing process to review SME positions that become vacant.

    • There are an additional 3 IT related positions at the Department of Education that we recommend be transitioned; however this recommendation is not supported by the Superintendent.

  • Propose ongoing review process to ensure the continued success of Executive Branch IT consolidation and prevent efforts to decentralize common IT services. Related areas of concern are included in the attached “Business Case for Sustaining IT Consolidation.”

In response to our legislative mandate in furtherance of the Governor’s IT consolidation initiative, ETS has met with every affected agency and completed the listed steps.

  • As of March 12, 2012 the State of Wyoming had a total of 425 IT related positions and 125 of those were within OCIO/A&I ITD.

  • We have completed our review of all 425 positions, with the recommendation that 181 be included in the IT Consolidated process which transitions them to ETS.

  • There are 3 positions at the Department of Education that are in contention, which were identified during resolution efforts involving the Governor and Superintendent.

  • There were 116 positions identified as holding subject matter expertise consistent with a recommendation to remain within the agencies.

  • As a result of consolidation efforts and structuring of positions to successfully support the needs of the agencies, we currently have a total of 304 positions supporting the central IT services to state agencies. We are recommending the reduction of 14 unfilled positions reducing the number of overall positions serving IT in Wyoming to 411. This cost savings is approximately one million dollars per year.

  • The authorization of the movement of most positions through the B-11 process has been authorized by the Governor’s office. We have delegated positions within complex agencies like Game & Fish and WyDOT until legislative action can determine the resolution.