Vendor Day Events

Upcoming Vendor Day Events

Confirmed    December 6, 2018
March 28, 2019
Tentative      June 20, 2019
Tentative      September 26, 2019

Vendor Day Process

For a vendor who goes directly to the website:

They can submit the contact us form. The process is the same for similar to all other vendors. 

For a vendor who uses email, phone or in person solicitations:

The vendor is directed to the Vendor Day Coordinator (VDC) who will visit with them and direct them to start the process of registering to do business with ETS and the State of Wyoming via the Contact Us Form. The VDC encourages them to go to our website ( us) and submit a Contact Us Form. 

The following process begins 90 Days before the Vendor Day event.

90 Days to event     ETS emails an invitation to all vendors that have signed up for notifications about 
Vendor Day Events, in this communication,  ETS provides a list of solutions or products that are of priority to the State and ETS, a deadline for registration and a registration link to the next Vendor Day event.

Leadership will prioritize the list based on solutions and products that are of priority to the state. All Vendors who submit their information through the registration link receive a form response via email. 

70 days to event     The VDC will be responsible for vendor selection based on ETS priorities and 
initiatives like we did for this Vendor Day selection round. Once the list is vetted and prioritized by the VDC,  the VDC schedules the rooms with an ETS Administrator for each room and employees to assist with the event. The VDC then coordinates times and availability with vendors and confirms the attendance of each vendor at the event.

60 Days to event     Further communication is sent to the Vendor in the form of a Google Calendar 
appointment and Vendor Day Test link for Google Hangouts. The VDC then begins the preparation of communication for inviting State Agencies to attend the Vendor Day event.

If Necessary            If we have continued interest from vendors who did not complete the registration 
before the link closes, the VDC will send these late vendors a notification that they can be added to a vendor cancelation waitlist.

25 Days to event     The VDC sends a reminder notification to each vendor to remind them of their 
commitment and to provide information about traveling to Cheyenne along with details about what they can expect to experience during the Vendor Day.