Cyber Response and Infrastructure Support Program

The Cyber Response and Infrastructure Support Program (CRISP) was established in 2015 and formed under the commitment that state agency participation in the protection of critical data and information systems is essential. CRISP is comprised of a governance body and incident response team. The CRISP governance body has been further tasked by the Governor to provide support for the Governor’s initiative to incorporate the field of Cyber Response & Infrastructure Support in Wyoming and ensure the best possible resources in meeting expectations for the future are leveraged.

The CRISP Incident Response Team (CIRT) provides rapid, collaborative and focused cyber incident response assistance to partner entities with critical infrastructure and resources in Wyoming. This highly specialized, deployable strike team can respond at any time to cybersecurity incidents as necessary to assist all levels of government and critical infrastructure partners. CIRT consists of experts in cybersecurity, cyber defense, information assurance, risk management and remediation, app development, network operations, data management, analytics, project management, communications and public relations.

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