Geographic Information Systems Enterprise Architecture

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is an information technology approach to the capture, storage, analysis, management, and presentation of data with reference to geographic location. While many state agencies and stakeholders have a long history of using GIS in Wyoming, the tremendous demand for and utilization of geospatial technologies has out-paced historic statewide coordination efforts. The Enterprise Solutions Architect is the state’s Geographic Information Officer (GIO). As the GIO, the Solutions Architect is responsible for developing and maintaining an enterprise and statewide vision for GIS coordination initiatives. The scope of this coordination includes the development of enterprise infrastructure and shared services, such as streamlined access to authoritative map layers. It also seeks to engage our stakeholder community as a critical element in evaluating the long term strategy for our geospatial program goals.

A key component to our stakeholder community is the Technical Advisory Group (TAG), which is a diverse group of GIS professionals.  They make recommendations to the Oversight Committee (OC), whose responsibility it is to adopt prudent standards and policies that TAG recommends. For more information on our governance structure, visit the Governance page.

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