Policies and Standards Subcommittee

The Policies and Standards Subcommittee (PSS) evaluates and recommends IT direction, policies, architecture and standards to the CIO and the ITPC; identifies compatible and integrated IT services and systems; and promotes IT systems and practices that enable data and resource sharing, and cooperation among state agencies.

The PSS objectives include the following:
  • Provide recommendations to ITCC on:
    • proposed policies, standards, procedures and guidelines
    • exceptions to the above
  • Identify emerging trends and future direction of the IT industry
  • Identify architectural principles, business drivers, processes and components relevant to the Executive Branch
  • Propose organizational roles, responsibilities and architectural development processes
  • Participate in developing the proposed architectural model for review by ITCC and ITPC
  • Propose a process to continually review and update the architectural model
  • Recommend a process to identify areas where consistent policies and standards would provide more cost effective IT operations in the Executive Branch
  • Evaluate the proposed policies and standards from a business perspective

Monthly - Every 3rd Wednesday from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm via Google Hangout and at the State Library, Training Room, 2800 Central Avenue, Cheyenne Wyoming

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