Data Center Power Upgrade

The Emerson Data Center is housed in a converted Junior High School, which is now a multi-purpose office building and data center support area. The data center is approximately 40 years old and most of the infrastructure (cooling, electrical, battery backup system, etc.) is of the same age. Data centers on average need refitted every 7-11 years. The Emerson Data Center has never had a refit. In addition, this data center was fit to run on 208 volts, which at the time would have been a cost saving measure. Today’s data centers are engineered and built on 480 volts. Computer systems of late such as servers and storage hardware benefit from this type of power service.

The Emerson data center is housed in the gymnasium area of the old school. Some of its infrastructure, such as its cooling towers, have been placed in the parking lot. This design factor and others place the data center at risk of mechanical failure due to potential accidents beyond the control of ETS employees. The generator for the data center is at end-of-life and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements mandate the generator be replaced to comply with federal regulations.

Supporting Documents