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The Enterprise Solutions Architect is responsible for working with Enterprise Technology Service (ETS) and state agencies enabling the creation and implementation of stable next generation IT solutions. Researching emerging technologies and trends, the Solutions Architect is tasked to solve for the future by creating new or leveraging existing functions to support the enterprise. Working closely with various teams within ETS, the Solutions Architect makes enterprise recommendations in regards to cloud, development, networking and security aligning innovation, disruptive technologies and the agency’s vision throughout the solution. The Solutions Architect also serves as the state’s Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator.

A major project of the Solutions Architect is managing the Enterprise Extendable Code Library. The library is commonly referred to as ‘Lego Blocks,’ each serving a specific function (i.e. Login, Security, Reporting, Workflow, etc). Future application development efforts will combine the blocks to quickly meet agency needs for less cost and less time than traditionally produced software.

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