Enterprise Extendable Code Library (Legos)

The library is commonly referred to as ‘Lego Blocks,’ each serving a specific function (i.e. Login, Security, Reporting, Workflow, etc.) Future application development efforts will combine the blocks to quickly meet agency needs for less cost and less time than traditionally produced software. 

ETS has worked hard to create redundant and reusable code modules that will assist new development for state agencies. 

Example: The current Notification Lego is designed for email. In the future, an agency leveraging that Lego may need it to do SMS or another type of notification. That agency would budget for that necessary functionality in their application and the other agencies using the same Lego would be eligible to receive the new notification methods to their applications as well. The cost and time savings is exponential. Each improvement creates synergy and rises the capabilities of all applications using the Lego code. 

Lego overview.png

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.27.47 PM.png

Lego Project Information
Anthony Witbrod