Enterprise Anti-Virus

Service Description
Anti-Virus/Spyware software is used to prevent, detect and remove malware, including viruses, worms and spyware from user devices.

Customer Benefits
Real time protection - If you receive or open a file containing a virus and antivirus software was not installed, it would immediately infect your machine. Anti-virus will be installed as a core service. It will scan files as they are opened and will notify the user of infection and quarantine the file.

Weekly scan - If there is a file infected with a known virus on the user’s machine, it will be picked up during a scan. Anti-virus is set to run a full scan each week to ensure devices are clean.

Increase computer performance - When a virus is installed on a computer, it may cause the user’s machine to run poorly. Preventing virus attacks ensures computers to run at optimal performance.

Protection of sensitive information - Many people deal with sensitive information needing to be stored securely. Anti-Virus can assist with protecting this data by preventing breaches due to known viruses before they happen.

Customer Responsibilities
Agencies will need to provide the number clients (desktops/laptops) and a primary and secondary point of contact when requesting this service.

ETS Responsibilities
Hardware and Software Deployment - ETS will set up computers, printers and mobile devices. This consists of installing anti-virus software, implementing endpoint encryption, deploying Windows updates and enabling users to access the State network via a VPN.

Device Support and Management - ETS will provide ongoing support of computing devices, including diagnosing, repairing, patching and upgrading all software and devices to ensure optimal performance.

Access/Authorization Management - ETS will unlock and reset passwords and maintain security groups and users in accordance with enterprise architecture standards.

Service Level Objectives
The following service characteristics are the quality of service measurement for the performance of service provided by ETS.

ETS will monitor the latest security or version patches available for distribution within 30 days of release. ETS will also notify and work with agency contact when needed on detected viruses.

 Category Evaluation Criteria  Target
 Service Guarantee  Symantec Endpoint Updates When released