ETS History


January 2022, Governor Mark Gordon appoints William E. Vajda to be CIO.


May 2021, Governor Mark Gordon appoints Timothy Sheehan to be Interim CIO after the resignation of Gordon Knopp.


March 2019, Governor Mark Gordon appoints Gordon Knopp as the fifth State CIO. Mr. Knopp has served as the Director of Technology (CIO) in Laramie County School District 1 in Cheyenne.


Sept 2017, Governor Matt Mead appoints Tony Young as the fourth State CIO. Mr. Young previously served as the Deputy Chief of State to Governor Mead.


March 8, Governor Matt Mead signed into law in W.S. 9-2-2901 through 9-2-2907 establishing the Department of Enterprise Technology Services. The mission of the Department of Enterprise Technology Services is to establish and refine a coordinated enterprise information services and technology structure, which increases the ability of State agencies to deliver quality cost effective services to the citizens of Wyoming.


April 25, Governor Matt Mead appoints Flint Waters as the third State CIO. Mr. Waters will provide the strategic leadership and technology direction for the State and is responsible for oversight and management of enterprise technology initiatives. Prior to his CIO role, Mr. Waters was the Chief Technology Officer for the forty-nine Internet Crime Against Children (ICAC) task forces and was the Chief Security Officer for TLO from 2008 through 2010.


March 13, Governor Dave Freudenthal appoints Robert von Wolffradt as the second State CIO Mr. Robert von Wolffradt has served as Director of Information Services for Snohomish County in Washington state. He has extensive experience with leadership in government operations as well as a background in the private sector, leading technology companies through challenging times.


Duties previously assigned to the Department of Administration and Information were transferred to State Chief Information Officer through SEA0034, which is to be selected by the Governor. Additions were also made to the State Chief Information Officer duties.


Legislation is passed through SEA0075 establishing the position of state chief information officer by statute and transferring duties from the online government commission to the chief information officer effective July 1.


March 4, Governor Dave Freudenthal appoints Larry Biggio as the first State CIO. Mr. Larry Biggio began his state career in 1974 as a computer programmer for the data-services division. He has served as a financial-systems analyst and supervisor and audit division director for the state Auditor's Office. From 1987 to 1996, Mr. Biggio served CFO for the Wyoming Department of Family Services. He returned to the Auditor's Office in 1997 as a division administrator and in 2000 joined the Education Department.


SEA0043 of the 56th Wyoming Legislature, 2002 Special Session, authorized the Governor to employ either directly or through a contractual arrangement a chief information officer effective July 1. The Governor appointed William Campbell in September 2002. The Department of A&I transferred the Information Planning and Coordination Division to the Office of CIO in November.

The mission of the Office of the Chief Information Officer is to establish and refine an information technology structure, which increases the ability of state agencies to deliver quality, cost effective services to the residents of Wyoming.