Welcome to the Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS)

Information Technology (IT) is in the unique position of having to innovate while simultaneously planning obsolescence of the latest invention in order to avoid becoming an indentured servant to technology as it ages. Therefore, the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) carries the mandate to guide IT through periods of creative destruction and disruptive innovation.

The State of Wyoming has consolidated common IT services to the new ETS and has moved to a collaborative communication system through Google Apps for Government over the last year.
A government cloud solution has been implemented dramatically reducing the number of physical servers in use throughout State agencies and efforts are underway to move to a Unified Network for public school and State use. Further, Wyoming is welcoming the construction of a new Microsoft data center, joining the just opened National Center for Atmospheric Research in Cheyenne.

ETS was established March 8,2012 and isĀ committed to meet expectations established in W.S. 9-2-2901 through 9-2-2907.