About ETS

The mission of the Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) is to collaborate with all levels of government to provide excellent technology services, empowering the citizens of Wyoming to live and work more securely, efficiently and productively. ETS employs close to 250 employees, which are located across Cheyenne and throughout the State. The main office is located at the Emerson Building in Cheyenne.

The Office of the Director/Office of the CIO

This office is divided into seven enterprise teams providing support to our internal and external customers. They are key in developing and communicating the overall strategy and activities of ETS.

  • Business Services manages the acquisition of goods, vendor services and maximizes resources through consolidation of enterprise-level purchasing and contract management.

  • The Planning & Design team enhances our ability to deliver cost-effective solutions and realize enterprise efficiencies by working with agencies throughout the project lifecycle. They review forecasted expenses, perform comparison analysis, and ensure there are no existing solutions in the state that could meet the business need.

  • The Learning & Communications team drives statewide communication initiatives across multiple platforms. This team reviews and provides audit assistance, technical support in the initial stages of the project lifecycle, and writes policy. They also offer statewide enterprise training opportunities.

  • The Process & Improvement team serves as the primary liaison between ETS and our customers. They develop and maintain customer portfolios to ensure IT alignment with the goals and objectives of the enterprise.

  • The Privacy & Security team protects the confidentiality and integrity of the State of Wyoming's computer systems, data, and networks; ensuring our citizen's vital information is safeguarded. This team utilizes security tools and develops statewide information security policies, standards, and guidelines.

  • Data Services creates enterprise data strategy, supporting the sharing and accessibility of state data, ensuring data are managed and used like assets. The data team focuses on data discovery (what data do we have and where), understanding (how are the data used, by whom, and for what purpose), governance (how are the data classified and whether it is used appropriately), and consumption (fully leveraging data assets to make informed decisions). This information helps drive the decision making process for data strategy.

  • Financial Services coordinates and compiles the agency’s Operating Budget; provides accounting and billing services, and proactively implements internal controls and processes. This team provides ETS management and employees with accurate and timely financial information to assist them in performing their duties.

Main Office

Emerson Building #237,
2001 Capitol Avenue
Cheyenne WY 82001


The Information Services Division

This division is divided into three teams whose focus is providing high quality, customer-oriented delivery of enterprise support service for the Executive Branch. This division coordinates and resolves technology support requests.

  • The Service Desk is the first point of contact for state employees needing assistance with IT tools and systems used to perform their daily work. Support is available via telephone, email, and our new Customer Portal. This team strives for first-call resolution and customer satisfaction. They manage incidents, service requests, and collaborate with internal teams to communicate outages and planned changes to services.

  • Service Delivery & Field Service teams deploy when items cannot be resolved by the Service Desk or when on-site assistance is necessary. These teams provide installations, troubleshooting, office moves, and assist with application and hardware recommendations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these teams expanded services for end-user support for state employees teleworking. Service Delivery serves customers in the Cheyenne area. Field Service serves customers at all locations outside Cheyenne.

The Information Technology Division

This division is divided into three teams providing secure and reliable technology infrastructure. This team also supports enterprise core computing services.

  • Business Application Services provide specialized business application design and support for cloud native and cloud agnostic design solutions. This team provides mainframe system administration, database management, script maintenance and execution, data storage, disaster recovery, account management, security services, and application interfaces.

  • Systems teams design, implement and support operating systems, software, and data storage environments for all State centralized servers and infrastructure. They provide system administration and application support for Active Directory, email, digital data backup, virtual application, the server environment, web and database application hosting, and cloud hosting services. This team also actively monitors enterprise systems ensuring unexpected problems are reported and services restored promptly.

  • The Unified Network team provides local and wide area network infrastructure design. They manage the statewide network connecting state agencies, K-12 school districts, educational facilities, and community colleges, and monitor network utilization. This team also provides enterprise VOIP services across all branches of government and public safety environments.