Statewide Policies & Standard
IT Policy Glossary

04000 Facilities, Logistics, Natural Resources and Environmental

09000 Security & Privacy

09100-P150 Policy Physical Security of IT Resources 8/6/21

09300-P010 Policy Web Transport Layer Security (TLS) Certificate Use 2/6/18

09400-G160 Guideline Two-Factor Authentication 2/6/18

09400-G180 Guideline Information Security in the System Lifecycle 4/30/18

09400-G191A Guideline Incident Response Basic Skills 2/6/18

09400-G191B Guideline Incident Response Precursors and Indicators 2/6/18

09400-G191C Guideline Security Incident Declaration 2/6/18

09400-G191D Guideline Incident Response Prioritization 2/6/18

09400-G220 Guideline Data Loss Prevention 2/6/18

09400-P164 Policy Preparation of Electronic Devices and Media for Disposal 4/30/18

09400-P167 Policy IT Resource Monitoring 2/6/18

09400-P170 Policy User Access Management 2/26/18

09400-P173 Policy Access Controls on IT Resources 4/30/18

09400-P174 Policy Network Connections and Management 2/6/18

09400-P175 Policy Mobile Computing and Telework 4/30/18

09400-P180 Policy Information Security in the System Lifecycle 2/6/18

09400-P183 Policy Technical Vulnerability Management 2/6/18

09400-P190 Policy Reporting Security Events and Vulnerabilities 2/6/18

09400-P191 Policy Information Security Incident Management and Reporting 4/25/18

09400-P200 Policy Information Security Planning 2/6/18

09400-P210 Policy Compliance with Legal Requirements 2/6/18

09400-P220 Policy Data at Rest and in Transit 10/12/20

09400-P221 Policy for Electronic Data Destruction and Sanitization 11/5/18

09400-S170 Standard Password 2/6/18

09400-S173 Standard Security Warning Banner 4/25/18

09400-S174 Standard Wireless Access Point Naming Convention 2/6/18

09400-S175 Standard AD Privileged Access 2/6/18

09400-S176 Standard Automatic Screen Lock 4/30/18

09400-S191 Standard Security Incident Response 2/6/18

09400-S221 Standard for Electronic Data Destruction and Sanitization 11/5/18