Self-Service Enrollment Instructions

No Need to Call the Help Desk!

ADSelfServicePlus (ADSS) allows you to reset your password and unlock your account without IT assistance. Please follow these steps to set-up your Active Directory (AD) account and link it to a mobile app. This can only be used on one mobile device. 


Step One

Please open or download the Google Authenticator app on your cell phone. This app is needed enroll. This will ask you for a QR code, which can be found in Step Two. 

Step Two

On your desktop, visit You will see this image. Login with your Active Directory credentials (i.e. and computer password NOT Google). Click enrollment. 

Step Three

Scan the QR code that is generated using the Google Authenticator app. It will create a code similar to what is represented above, but it will be listed as ADSelfService Plus. Enter this code into ADSS. Click next. You are now enrolled.

Step Four

In the App Store, download the ManageEngine ADSelfServicePlus app to your mobile device. When you try to login, it will ask you to configure server to continue. 

Step Five

Open scan QR code. 

On your desktop, visit In the top right corner, open profile and click mobile access. A QR code will be generated, scan QR code., which configures it on your mobile app.

Step Six

Click yes to configure and enter AD credentials ( and enter computer password). You will also need to enter a Google Authenticator code to continue. 

Please note that Google Authenticator refreshes every 30-seconds. You must enter the code immediately or wait for a new code to be generated.