Statutes and Rules

In 2002 the 56th Wyoming Legislature authorized the appointment of a chief information officer. Over the next 10 years the development of information technology (IT) policy led to the establishment of the Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) in 2012.

ETS serves as the centralized information technology organization managing executive branch IT infrastructure, telecommunications, IT services, architecture, and IT procurement consistently, securely, and cost effectively. 

ETS Statutes


Wyo. Stat. § 9-2-2019  Department of Enterprise Technology Services created
Wyo. Stat. § 9-2-2901  Department of Enterprise Technology Services created
Wyo. Stat. §  9-2-2904 Definitions


Wyo. Stat. § 9-2-2501 Electronic transactions
Wyo. Stat. §  9-2-2902 Department divisions
Wyo. Stat. §  9-2-2903 Director and division administrators; appointment; removal
Wyo. Stat. § 9-2-2906 Office of the Chief Information Officer and director; authority; duties of department
Wyo. Stat. § 7-19-201 State or national criminal history record information
Wyo. Stat. § 9-2-117 Department of health- rural health
Wyo. Stat. §  9-2-2905 Duties of the department in assisting the governor
Wyo. Stat. § 9-2-1005 Payment of warrants
Wyo. Stat. § 9-21-101 Data Policies
Wyo. Stat. § 28-1-115 Submission of state agency plans to legislature; contents; purposes
Wyo. Stat. § 28-1-116 Continuous planning; performance budgeting
Wyo. Stat. § 28-1-118 Legislative review of state revenue distribution formulae; reports required
Wyo. Stat. § 40-21-118 Acceptance and distribution of electronic records by governmental Agencies
Wyo. Stat. § 34-1-405 Administration and Standards
Wyo. Stat. § 40-21-119 Interoperability

Public Funds

Wyo. Stat. § 9-4-207 Funds Consolidation
Wyo. Stat. § 9-4-217 Uniform state accounting system

Public Safety Communications Commission

Wyo. Stat. § 9-2-1104

Wyoming Economic Development Act

Wyo. Stat. § 9-12-1509 Broadband Development Program


Wyo. Stat. § 18-3-402 County Clerk
Wyo. Stat. § 34-1-404 County Clerk