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Interactive Voice Response
(Enhanced Service)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a self-service system enabling callers to navigate voice prompts using their telephone keypad or voice command to navigate menus to obtain information or process a transaction.

Independent Carriers (Enhanced Service)

Independent carriers provide telephone service to remote State locations not on the State’s Enterprise Voice System (EVS). 

Enterprise Call Recording (ECR) (Enhanced Service)

ECR records phone conversations on the Enterprise Voice system (EVS). Recordings can be made on a line 100% of the time or on-demand.

Domestic Long Distance, International & Toll Free Calling (Enhanced Service)

Domestic long distance refers to telephone calls made outside the Enterprise Voice System, within the United States, and carrying a per minute or per call charge, varying between long distance providers.

Directory Listings (Enhanced Service)

Directory Listings allow agencies to list phone numbers in published public phone directories in the government section of the white pages as well as 411 directory assistance.

Voicemail (Enhanced Service)

A digital answering system which plays announcements to callers, records messages, and allows the messages to be retrieved either from the desk phone or remotely.

Automated Attendant (Enhanced Service)

An Automated Attendant automatically answers incoming calls and presents customers with a recorded menu of options routing themselves to certain numbers or recorded messages.

Cellular Mobile Device 

(Enhanced Service)

A long-range device used for voice or data communication over a wireless network. Service includes unlimited calling, text messaging, email, data plan, access to Google Apps, and GPS.

Chrome Device for Meetings
(Enhanced Service)

Chrome Device for Meetings is a video/voice/data collaboration device, using Google Meet. This device adds collaborative services and enhances meeting connectivity.

Directory Assistance (Enhanced Service)

Directory assistance allows a caller to get telephone numbers when a computer or telephone book is not readily available. It is accessible by dialing 4-1-1 or if on EVS, 9-4-1-1.

EVS Desk Phones 

(Enhanced Service)

Where the Enterprise Voice System (EVS) is available, in-state long distance telephone calls are free. Some desk phones allow certain buttons to be programmed with a specific telephone number for speed dialing.


(Enhanced Service)

Teleconferencing is a managed communication service between multiple sites linked by voice telecommunication devices such as a conference phone.

Calling Cards 

(Enhanced Service)

These are state issued cards, via the service provider, used for charging telephone services anywhere in the world, with charges billed back to a State account.

Extension to Cellular (Core Service)

Extension to Cellular (EtC) solution allows Enterprise Voice System (EVS) office phone calls to be routed automatically to cellular or home phones. 

Telecommunication Service Request (TSR) (Core Service)

TSR provides access for agency users to submit add/move/change work requests for voice and data services.