Data Center Infrastructure Services

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IP Based Printing (Enhanced Service)

Laser printing services are routed to the data center IP printer allowing for expedited printing of large print jobs created by the mainframe or at a workstation.

Citrix Application Virtualization (Enhanced Service)

Citrix Application Virtualization publishes applications into a secure on-demand service available to any user, anywhere, on most devices. With this solution, you can deliver individual web and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications to PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, laptops.

Data Center Services 

(Enhanced Service)

Operation, monitoring, and maintenance of co-location data center facilities and environments to ensure the highest level of availability to include HVAC, ventilation, and power with UPS protection, smoke detection, cooling, fire suppression, and water leak detection.

Web Hosting (Enhanced Service)

This service consists of a combination of centrally managed, shared pool of hardware and software

resources which houses and controls web sites.

Virtual Servers 

(Enhanced Service)

This service consists of a combination of centrally managed hardware and software which houses and controls server and application software, common data and supplies it to individual workstations. 

Enterprise Database Hosting
(Enhanced Service)

A cloud-based database solution to run data and database intensive applications requiring more memory, increased speed, and reliability. ETS supports but does not provide several cloud solutions such as Microsoft SQL Servers, (MSSQL) Oracle, and other database solutions.

Enterprise Storage & Backup
(Enhanced Service)

As agencies move toward paperless processes, electronic storage and data backup increases. ETS offers several levels of storage services, including automated backup which accommodates most data disaster recovery and data retention policies.