Wyoming Data Governance Council (WDGC)


The Wyoming Data Governance Council (WDGC) is established pursuant to the requirement for ETS to implement and maintain an IT governance program as specified in W.S. 9-2-2906(b)(ii). Furthermore, W.S. 9-21-101 requires agencies to adopt, enforce, and maintain a policy regarding the collection, access, security, and use of data. 


The WDGC shall provide recommendations to the Chief Data Officer (CDO) on how the State of Wyoming should govern and manage Executive Branch data and data management systems. In addition, the WDGC:


A single member is invited from each state agency, appointed by the agency head, and serves a staggered two-year term, rotating on the first business day of each fiscal year. Membership includes representatives from each state agency, board and commission. Directors retain the full and complete authority to assign, delegate, or change their duly authorized representatives at any time.