Data Center Services
(Enhanced Service)

ETS operation, monitoring and maintenance of the colocation data center facilities and environments ensure the highest level of availability to include HVAC, ventilation, and power with UPS protection, smoke detection, cooling, fire suppression and water leak detection devices.

Customer Benefits

Customers will experience significant cost savings by housing their equipment without providing the infrastructure and environmental controls necessary for the equipment to operate optimally. Equipment is housed in racks and charges are based on the space consumed. Additionally, data is housed in a secure environment utilizing limited badge access tand combination locks on rack spaces as needed.

Requesting This Service

For this service or for general inquiries regarding this service, please contact your Customer Advocate. ETS will work with the agency to answer questions, provide quotes on services, and arrange with ETS service provisioning. For support or troubleshooting please call the network operations center at 307-777-6500.