Enterprise Database Hosting
(Enhanced Service)

A cloud-based database solution enabling agencies to run data and database intensive applications requiring more memory, increased speed, and reliability. ETS supports but does not necessarily provide several cloud solutions such as Microsoft SQL Servers, (MSSQL) Oracle, and other database solutions.

Customer Benefits

Database hosted customers receive:

Requesting This Service

For general inquiries, please contact your Customer Advocate (CA) or ETS-CustomerService@wyo.gov. The CA will work with the agency to answer questions, provide quotes on services and arrange with ETS service provisioning.

ETS Support

ETS will set up and support the database, establish disaster recovery backups with a 30 day retention in addition to 24/7 monitoring of SQL servers and instances, and provide coordination with agencies/external vendors on database pushes, setting up/debugging connection strings and creating users.

Service Level Objectives

ETS will meet the customer’s business objectives for the project and provide database hosting infrastructure and regular database maintenance and administration as outlined in the service catalog as services included in the usage fee. ETS staff will also provide an estimate for each data hosting project to enable the customer to better anticipate the immediate and ongoing costs of hosting.