Application Redevelopment & Monitoring
(Enhanced Service)

ETS Business Application Solutions provides custom application programming to meet State agency’s business needs. Redeveloping and monitoring services can ensure that any security updates or bugs found later in the application can be patched or fixed appropriately. This extends the useful lifetime of the applications and ensures continued security compliance.

Customer Benefits

The customer saves money due to lower hourly rates for support than those of private industry developers.

They will have increased control over the project or request and can ensure security and relevance as the technological landscape evolves over time.

Requesting This Service

For questions and arrangements with ETS service provisioning, please visit our Customer Portal. A quote will be prepared before application development begins and must be approved and signed prior to the start of the project. Once the project is complete and the application is launched, any problems or issues must be reported through the Technology Support Center by calling 307-777-5000. ETS staff will maintain accurate documentation of the programming of the application to facilitate any patching or updates later in its lifecycle. Additionally, they will perform the database and/or website implementation, as well as the database administration as required for any updates.

Service Level Objectives

ETS will meet the customer’s business objectives for the project and provide agile development approaches empowering the customer to control the direction of work.