Computer & Peripheral Support (Core Service)

Computer and peripheral support, also known as desktop support, is a comprehensive approach to managing all of the personal computing devices within an agency, including laptops, tablets, and printers. It includes an array of tasks, such as setting up new hardware, installing software, troubleshooting incidents, administering program patches and providing encryption and antivirus solutions. ETS can also replace parts for computers and peripherals that have fallen off their warranty period.

Customer Benefits

ETS customer support includes timely troubleshooting by remote and/or on-site service, to diagnose and resolve standard and/or unique, non-recurring issues. In the event of a hardware failure, ETS can (upon inventory availability) provide a spare computer until a customer's computer is repaired and returned. Customers are provided a team of skilled technical staff and enjoy cost savings by not incurring additional expenses for personnel and equipment associated with monitoring and maintaining the service. Customers with laptops and computers that have fallen off their warranty period and are in their fourth year of the replacement cycle can have parts replaced at no additional cost to the agency.

Requesting This Service

Contact the ETS Service Desk by submitting service requests through the Customer Portal or by calling 307-777-5000.