Cellular Mobile Device
(Enhanced Service)

A long-range device used for voice or data communication over a wireless network. Service includes unlimited calling, text messaging, email, data plan, access to Google Apps, and GPS. ETS has contracts with Verizon, AT&T and Union Telephone for voice and/or data devices.

Customer Benefits

Allows customers to dial and receive telephone calls; check email, calendar events, access Google Apps, and access the internet where cellular service is available.

Requesting This Service

Please submit this form or email ETS-WORKORDERS@wyo.gov. The customer will need to identify the type of device needed, as well as the billing account information.

Do you want to simplify things using just one phone instead of carrying two? 

This Dual SIM Card FAQ guide is here to help answer some of your questions.

What is the purpose of a dual SIM card?

Do I need to obtain any permissions?

What are the requirements to install a SIM card? 

What is the MDM Security Profile, and what is its purpose?

When do I need to do the installation?