Voicemail (Enhanced Service)

A digital answering system which plays announcements to callers, records messages, and allows the messages to be retrieved either from the desk phone or remotely.

Customer Benefits

State voicemail can simultaneously answer multiple calls and can take multiple messages, store incoming messages in personalized voicemail boxes associated with individual users' phone numbers, forward received messages to another user's voicemail box, while being able to add a personal message to the forwarded message, record/store messages for future delivery and request acknowledgement of receipt of sent messages.

Both parties will be clear about the message content with original intonations and inflections. It is more efficient than a missed call or message taking. Additionally, it allows for 24 hour availability, reduces unwanted interruptions, and messages may be forwarded on to others.

Requesting This Service

Please submit this form or email ETS-WORKORDERS@wyo.gov. Once the service has been established, the customer will need to record a voicemail greeting and a voicemail label for the box.