ChatGPT & AI

What to Know About ChatGPT & AI

Artificial intelligence (AI), including large language models like ChatGPT, has rapidly become a major talking point. Everyday web users can now engage with AI like never before. 

ChatGPT is an AI-powered natural language processing tool based on AI technology designed for human-like conversations for assistance purposes that you experience on websites. 

Whenever big changes come about in technology, it is always smart to think about security issues. Find below some tips on how you can stay safe.

Should I use ChatGPT or other AI platforms?

You should consider security and privacy risks before diving in. AI models partly learn from what the user inputs into the system. You shouldn't put any information into an AI model you want to keep private, from your agency's proprietary code to sensitive information about your family.

If you ask a fact-based question to an AI model, make sure to fact check everything. These models have become infamous for giving very confident but very wrong information in many situations. It's best to look at AI models as tools. 

In many cases, your chats with an AI are not private. Carefully read the privacy notices of any AI service you use and ensure that you are ok with sharing the data it collects.

Beware, cybercriminals use of AI is on the rise to get better at their crimes. Evidence shows that bad actors are using AI to craft more deceptive phishing emails and help develop malware. This is probably a good time to review your cybersecurity basics.  

What about State Agencies & AI?

During the Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Tech & Digital Innovation Tech on May 15, 2023, AI was addressed by our Legislators.

The committee asked industry professionals to present information on Artificial Intelligence Governance. Due to the nature of AI models, a legislative framework may be needed in terms of protecting privacy, digital assets, and data. As the interim committee progresses, they will work with the Legislative Service Office (LSO) to draft legislation.