High School


Get Free Access to Cyberstart, an immersive cybersecurity training game for high school students, with over 200 fun-to-play challenges. Perfect for beginners. You can discover your talent and advance your skills. You may even qualify for scholarships.

Free cybersecurity training game for students | CyberStart America.

NOVA Cybersecurity LAB

his is a free digital platform that engages teens in a game which players will discover how to keep their digital lives safe. It will also help teens to understand what cyber threats are and how to defend against them.

Cybersecurity | NOVA Labs | PBS

National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS)

Do you like working in technology? Are you looking for a career path that has many exciting opportunities? How about cybersecurity? This link gives you resources and information about different career opportunities in cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity for Students | NICCS

Do you get the urge to scan those QR codes in the wild?

From restaurant menus to sales flyers, organizations have been increasing the use of QR codes but so have malicious actors. The threats of malicious QR codes described and how to mitigate them. Find some useful information here.